Mar-a-Lago Documents: Ex-Trump Employee Cooperates with Justice

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith has secured the cooperation of a former Mar-a-Lago employee in his investigation of presidential documents that Donald Trump transferred from the White House to his private club in Florida after his presidency, according to The Guardian. The New York Times. This witness could help Smith and his team understand what happened in May 2022 after the Justice Department asked the former president to return all classified documents he still had. An FBI raid conducted in August 2022 confirmed that Trump and his attorneys had not been telling the truth when they claimed there were no longer any classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

The witness reportedly gave investigators a picture of the storage room where the boxes of documents were located timeswho adds: “Not much is known about what prosecutors may have learned from the witness or when the witness began providing the information to the prosecution. But it appears that the prosecutors are trying to fill in some gaps in their knowledge about the movement of the boxes, which were created in part by their treatment of another potential key witness, the servant. Mr. Trump, Walt Naota. Prosecutors believe that Mr. Naota failed to provide them with a full and accurate account of his role in moving the boxes containing the classified documents. »

the times It states that the surveillance camera did not allow these loopholes to be filled for reasons that are still unknown. But the newspaper understands that investigators called in experts “to understand why some images from the surveillance camera disappeared or were not available.”

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In this case, Jack Smith is trying to determine whether Donald Trump attempted to obstruct a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice, which would constitute an offense punishable by imprisonment.

article times It contains many other overtones. One has yet to be clarified: Smith and his team issued a subpoena to the Trump Organization to provide documents related to his relationship to the Saudi-run LIV golf tour. Last I heard, it was impossible to prove any connection between the Mar-a-Lago documents and this partnership between Trump and the country of Mohammed bin Salman.

In fact, there is a connection due to the fact that Jack Smith is interested in this partnership.

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