Many Romanian MEPs call on the European Commission to intervene so that Romanian workers in the UK are treated equally with other European citizens.

PMP MEP Eugene Tomak announced on Thursday that he was launching a process calling on the European Commission to stop “discrimination against more than 500,000 Romanians by the London government” when they want to enter the market. MEPs in the EPP Group Supported by the majority of Romanians, S&D Group Corina Gretu (Pro Romania), said they had received “guarantees” from President Ursula van der Lion that “the rights of Romanian citizens residing in the United Kingdom until December 31, 2020 will no longer be applicable”. Is protected about different treatment.

The situation of Romanian workers who want to work in the UK and pay an additional 55 55 to pay the work visa tax is USSR plus MEP. Dragos Bessler (Renewal of Europe) brought up the discussion, G4 Media reported here.

  • “The European Commission must use all its political and legal tools to resolve the issue of different treatment used by the United Kingdom firmly and uncompromisingly, and to protect the right to work and related rights of all European citizens without any discrimination.” Says M.E.P. .

He says his approach is supported by other Romanian MEPs from the EPP: Trian Beszczek, Siegbried Muresan, Rares Bockton, Marianne-Jean Marinescu, Kerke Phalke, Christian Bonoi, Vasile Blaga, Don Motriende,

Following her address to the European Commission, MEP Corina Crete announced on Thursday that she had received a response from Ursula van der Leen and that she had been assured that the rights of Romanian citizens and their families would be protected. Conditions set out in the treaty for the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union.

  • “In other words, Romanians who have already lived in the UK until December 31, 2020 (the end of the Middle Ages) will be able to continue living, working and studying in the UK for the rest of their lives.
    However, unfortunately, the situation does not apply to Romanian citizens and their family members who have not yet resided in the United Kingdom or now wish to move to the United Kingdom. At the moment, it is worrying that Romanians who are citizens of EU countries will not benefit from the treatment they receive if they want to work in Great Britain for a long time. Although applicants from 22 EU member states will automatically benefit from a $ 55 discount on their work visa, Romanians are not among them. The same thing happens with applicants from Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania and Slovenia, ”said Corina Gretu.
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The Foreign Ministry said on January 15 that the அதிகாரிகள் 55 reduction in the tax on work visa applications by British officials was an action taken by British authorities in the application of the 1961 European Social Charter, to which the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and the 22 member states of the European Union, Romania, have been the only party to the revised version of the Charter since 1996. Has changed, so do not benefit from this reduction.

Surza Photo: Fair Movement

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