Manoah and Merrifield help the Blue Jays beat the Rays

(Saint Petersburg) st. Toronto Blue Jays interim manager John Schneider is ready to do anything for his team to finish first among the drafted teams from America.

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Alec Manoah and Wyatt Merrifield helped the Blue Jays one step closer to that goal.

Manoah didn’t give up running for seven rounds, Merryfield beat Homer in three runs and the Blue Jays beat the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 Saturday night.

“I love it,” Manouh said when asked about his enjoyment of shooting in the big matches. We have a very good team. To be able to come and fight alongside these men is what I have dreamed of all my life. I don’t want to be anywhere but in the hill. »

The Blue Jays captured the exclusive number one spot for the Drafted Teams from America, one game ahead of Team Rays. The team that finishes first will play the entire series at home.

Schneider said Thursday that he will use Manoah in the final game of the season, if the house advantage is at stake. Playing a series in Toronto means a lot to the Blue Jays, who have played the entire 2020 season and part of the 2021 season in the US due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Rays could also have a real advantage on their home ground at Tropicana Field, aged 51-29 compared to their 33-39 track record.

“It’s an interesting place,” Schneider said. This is what men say. Whether it’s the ceiling, the lighting, the surface or the ground on the pitch. Inspiration seems high. The noise is strange. Players seem to feed off of that a bit which is an advantage sometimes. »

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Manoah (15-7) scatters four hits and walks twice in addition to hitting eight opponents. The right-handed came out of a tight spot in the sixth inning, when one rider and two runners were on the trails, when he passed Randy Arrosarina in the gauntlet and forced David Peralta to blow out a candle.

Jordan Romano replaced Tim Meeza after two wins and two runs in the eighth inning. He allowed a Harold Ramirez single, but ended up threatening to hit Manuel Margot at bat. Romano closed the books to get 35e Rescue on 41 occasions.

Radiowriter Drew Rasmussen (10-7) allowed one run and three runs and two walks in six runs and three. Hit five hits.

Both teams totaled 31 points, including 20 by Rays, in the first two encounters of the series, both of which were won by Team Florida.

Arozarena was the rays’ first hit from Manoah when he blasted a brace in the fourth inning. Become the first player in the history of Rays and 20e Player in Major League history for collecting 40 doubles, 20 home runs, and 30 stolen bases in a single season.

Teoscar Hernandez ended Rasmussen’s night with two goals in the seventh inning. Brooks Raleigh walked up the hill and after walking into Danny Janssen, Murrayfield gave the Blue Jays a 3-0 lead with 10e Campaign.

“These are two teams vying for a place in the playoff,” Raleigh said. They played really hard tonight and we did too. They were treated well on the hill and Ras did the job. It’s a baseball game. »

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Murrayfield hit two long balls on Thursday in a 10-5 loss to Reese.

Alejandro Kirk started the second half on his own before Rasmussen hit 12 consecutive strikes until Murifield scored twice in the sixth.

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