Manifest (Netflix): Season 3 is finally available on the platform!

After several months of waiting, Season 3 of the Manifest series is finally available on Netflix. Cheer up the crowd!

Manifest fans can finally watch Season 3 on Netflix. The latter has been eagerly awaited and has just been launched on the platform. Some are now asking the following question: The series will have a 4th season ?

A new season for Manifest?

Since April 1, NBC has revealed the third season of the Manifest series. But Netflix fans have been eagerly waiting for it to finally arrive on the platform. After several months of waiting, It is finally available.

In fact, Netflix aired last season From a statement on Sunday, August 22nd. Very good news for fans who were eager to discover the final season of the series. the last one It consists of a total of 13 episodes.

Now, fans want the series’ fourth season at all costs. It appears that the platform and NBC are already discussing making a sequel. So far, there is no news for a possible season 4.

TVLine also revealed that Manifest has reached the number one spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list for about a month in the US. It’s the Virgin River that has He succeeded in removing the throne from the series. The latter is a real hit on the web.

The Manifest’s very good viewership figures may well push Netflix to create a season 4. It will still be necessary to show a little patience before learning more. at this moment, No decision was made.

For those who haven’t watched the series yet, Allo Ciné has revealed the following synopsis. Montego Flight 828 to New York Disappears from radars without leaving a trace ».

The highly anticipated La Casa de Papel and Lucifer on Netflix

The Manifest series (Netflix) also explains: This plane reappeared after five years without any explanation. NS 191 passengers on board, time has not passed. they didn’t get old”.

“But for those close to them (Netflix), these five years of uncertainty and mourning have been difficult. What really happened? How will ghosts adapt in a world where Loved ones continued to live without them ? ».

“Did the returning survivors change? At some point? We thought they were dead.” They are back after 5 years« . The least we can say is that the series got everyone in suspense.

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While waiting to learn more about a possible sequel to Manifest, Netflix fans are eagerly awaiting more series. For example, they are eager to discover all Last season of La Casa de Papel.

The final season will see daylight on September 3. On the other hand, we will have to wait a little longer before discovering it fully. The platform will only be revealed Part 1 first.

Another long-awaited series for the end of the year: Lucifer. The latter will see the light of day on September 10. One thing is for sure, the two series are likely to stay in higher for several weeks.

It remains to be seen who will be the more successful player from La Casa de Papel or Lucifer last season. will be necessary Wait before you find out. case to follow!