Mandatory PCR test results for travelers to the UK

Conditions for vaccinated passengers in the UK are being eased again (Photo: Piccadilly Circus, London-LC)

Will Boris Johnson’s UK regain pragmatism in its border administration? Over the past six months, the rules for traveling to the country have changed again and again. But this time, The latest rules adopted by the government seem to be moving in the direction of simplification.

This was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. From this Friday, January 7, the UK eliminates the obligation for incoming passengers to undergo PCR testing before departure.. Any traveler who is fully vaccinated (with a double dose) may enter England and Wales Without generating a negative PCR test. Northern Ireland and Scotland should follow suit soon.

There is only the duty of rapid antigenic testing by lateral flow (LFT). I.e. self-examination Within two days of arrival. Viewers do not need to isolate themselves until they have reached their conclusion. However, If the result is positive, passengers should take the PCR test To help identify “any new variation on the border” as explained by Boris Johnson.

That also means The duty to test before leaving the United Kingdom was abolished by the British Government. However, PCR testing is required in many countries for anyone leaving the UK.

The However, the rules of departure and arrival will remain the same for non-vaccinated or part-time travelers..

The powerlessness of the restrictions against Omigron

The measures, announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday, are justified The limited impact of such restrictions on the spread of the Omicron variant. The latter, like France, is spreading rapidly in the UK with 160,000 to 200,000 positive cases per day.

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The ineffectiveness of the regulatory measures has generated a series of criticisms from tourism and travel experts calling for a review of the conditions under which they enter and exit the UK. They like it too Confirmation of rules Allow passengers to plan their trips.

According to the BBC, a wish must be fulfilled. Grand Shops, Secretary of State for Transport, Actually announced to be ” A full review of travel activities by the end of January to ensure that the standard system for 2022 is in place.

The Control measures Kovid was really in the face of the epidemic A catastrophic effect on UK aviation in 2021. The country has registered 71% drop in international flights According to a recent report by aerial data analysis firm Cirium. From 1.4 million in 2019 to about 406,060 international flights were made from the UK in 2021.

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