Man convicted of selling over 600 illegal boxes on eBay

82,000 pounds, or nearly 96,000 euros. This is the amount that Briton Fouad Al-Sayegh raised by selling IPTV boxes on eBay. phoneandroidThis Monday. This box sold between £150 and £250 (or €177 and €295) allowing users to watch sports channels or streaming subscriptions for free.

Two years in prison

The 57-year-old was captured by the British anti-piracy device FACT. For this purpose, the FACT agents themselves bought hack boxes and were able to verify that they were working properly. Then they went to Fouad Al-Sayegh’s house and arrested him. With help from eBay, agents estimated that the 50-year-old had sold 628 devices. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

“This investigation of illegal IPTV devices was the first of its kind for our service and demonstrates the expertise of our agents,” said Heather Acton, Westminster City Councilor. “Organized crime groups often use the proceeds of such crimes to fund more serious criminal activity, so I am pleased that our investigation, with the help of FACT, has led to a successful prosecution. Also in France, operations are being carried out against illegal IPTV services. At the end of 2020, an Eight of these services were prevented from entering French territory.

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