Mali accuses France of violating its airspace

Mr. / Nice / Faiza bin Mohammed

A press release issued on Wednesday said that the transitional government in Mali is accusing France of violating its airspace.

The alleged flight had made contact between Abidjan, Gao and Abidjan during Tuesday 11 January.

Malian authorities confirmed that “a French army aircraft of the type A400 registered FRBAN” was “in clear violation of Malian airspace”.

The press release also states that “the aircraft in question (…) has switched off its transponder so as not to be identified and has cut off contact with air traffic control organizations.”

“As a result, the government deplored this violation of the airspace of the French authorities who decided, moreover, to support the ECOWAS sanctions, including the closure of the land and air borders of its member states with Mali,” continues the Malian authorities in their writings.

Finally, the latter warn that they reject “any responsibility regarding the risks that the perpetrators of these practices might expose themselves to in the event of a new violation of airspace”.

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