Malguénacois Thibault Tricol crowned vice world darts champion – Pontivy

You just won the title of Vice Champion of the world in darts after five days of fierce competition, how do you feel?

Shared feelings. I’m so proud of this course, having four straight wins in one game a day from Wednesday to Sunday, but still feeling frustrated that I was so close to winning. I ended up mentally breaking down in the end. Darts are basically a mental sport. In the previous matches I won them hard and everything I achieved so far I did not do in the final.

How was the atmosphere at Lakeside Country Club?

It is a legendary place in England, a kind of nightclub. The audience is close to the podium. It’s kind of a giant pub atmosphere. The presentation is carried out on target and in the audience. At the end of the day, it was hot. I was almost alone, with my partner and two English friends, against 600 or 700 people cheering for my opponent. Sometimes I was booed. She was mentally tough.

How did you prepare for this competition?

evil. I played the semi-finals on Saturday evening and with interviews and doping control I finished late. I woke up the next day at 7 am and with the stress I couldn’t take a nap. I felt tired before playing, around 8pm. It’s a two hour match and I had used up a lot of energy before…

What is your analysis of this last match?

I started very well, even leading two sets to 0, but left chances for my opponent and they ended up catching up to me. I should have handled it better. I’ve already encountered him at the Isle of Man Open and have defeated him. Since the crowd was his, it also stimulated him.

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Your performance highlights your discipline. One of your goals…

Yes, since Sunday I have been doing interviews. The competition was also broadcast live on Eurosport. It’s a very Anglo-Saxon sport, of course I wanted to highlight darts in France. Often people are interested in a sport or support an athlete when they have a Frenchie abroad. Even if I was a French champion 15 or 20 times, it wouldn’t be the same, I just went crazy across the networks. I think it’s an exciting event for this little-known sport in France.

What are your next goals?

Hit the iron while it’s hot. I will soon be leaving to play the German Open, and continue to play with Denmark and the Netherlands. I have sponsors, with a budget of about 50,000 euros per year, which allows me to travel. This is no small thing for a darts player. I no longer work side by side so I have to earn enough to be able to live on that. In the medium term I would like to join the circle of professionals. And my ultimate dream is to be a PDC World Champion (Professional Darts Corporation, Ed).

When will you return to Malguénac?

Thursday, I spend a few days in Paris before I go back. The French Darts Cup is taking place in Plumellio this weekend and 500 players are expected to participate. The union warned me that they would congratulate me on this occasion. All the guys told me they dreamed through me. I know I will be asked. I’m going, in a way, but getting back into the competition is going to be complicated.

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