Malek Zahi speaking with the UK Ambassador to Tunisia – Tunisia

The Minister of Social Affairs, Malek Zahi, met today with the British Ambassador to Tunisia, Helen Winterton, in the presence of the President of the General Authority for Social Advancement, Ibrahim Bendris, and the Director General of the Office of International Cooperation and External Relations, Ferial Ghorab.

This meeting was an opportunity to confirm the strength of the cooperation relations between the two countries and to study ways to further develop and strengthen them in the social field, especially in the sectors of social protection through the “second chance”, preventing violent extremism. , lifelong learning, support for children in vulnerable situations and those deprived of family support, support for people with disabilities, social security, program economic empowerment for disadvantaged and low-income groups benefiting from the social security program.

The communication will be published on the ministre’s official page, the reunion a également porté sur l’expérience of Royaume-Uni in the domaine of the numérification of l’administration, en particulier the numérification of transfers monétieres for les categories of benéficiaires of divers mecanismes de “Social Security”.

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