Make room for a duel between two tech giants

A duel between two tech giants

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A duel between two tech giants

Epic Games’ media lawsuit against Apple opened Monday in a California court that will, within three weeks, be the scene of accusations of monopoly and greed of the other. This situation has the potential to affect the entire economy of the tech industries and their platforms, which are used by billions of people.

“We will prove, without ambiguity, that Apple has a monopoly,” said Epic’s attorney. Catherine ForrestDuring an opening speech, hundreds of people followed over the phone.

The App Store, the primary app store for iPhone and iPad devices, according to its functions as a “walled garden.”

This important metaphor for tech giants refers to their ecosystems, where they can set the rules, prioritize their own products, and attract internet users and developers, who have no other options to access this market.

“The most common flower in this walled garden is the flycatcher, which is a carnivorous plant,” said Catherine Forrest.

As proof of this, Eddie Keough, Apple Vice President, wrote to President Tim Cook in 2013 in an email: “Getting our customers to use iTunes, the App Store, and iBookstore is one of the best ways to attract people into the ecosystem.” Submitted by the attorney.

Fortnite fans can play on a non-Apple device, but according to the Epic chief, Tim SweeneyApple forced its company either to accept unfavorable terms or lose access to this market.

“As Fortnite expands beyond video games, being able to include a billion and a few iPhone owners around the world is crucial,” he told Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers.

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Tim Cook You must also appear in person at court in the city of Oakland, adjacent to San Francisco.

Justified commission, according to Apple

Apple banned Fortnite from the App Store last August for breaching the contract immediately after Epic tried to bypass its payment system, thus avoiding the 30% commission charged on sales.

“I wanted the world to see that Apple has complete control over access to all programs through its mobile devices” – Quote from Tim Sweeney.

His studio filed a complaint for misuse of a dominant position.

The attorney replied that the Californian group does not have a monopoly over a “grocery store.” Karen Dunn For Apple, accusing the epic of greed

She said, “Apple has not built a safe ecosystem to exclude people. It did so to invite developers.”

If Epic wins, that means, for consumers and developers alike, “less security, less privacy, less reliability, fewer options, less quality”. “All of those things are protected by anti-competitive laws,” she said.

Expected consequences

He commented, “Epic will use its massive user base (around 350 million Fortnite followers worldwide), which is second to none, to generate support via social media.” Dan Ives, An analyst at Wedbush Securities.

But he notes that Apple’s defense is well established and hasn’t failed in years. The group is expected to win, “which will strengthen its grip on the application and payments store.”

With appeal and remedies, the battle could last for years. But it may also influence the current debate around competition law.

“If Epic wins and gets an allegation that Apple’s regulations are violating antitrust laws, Apple will have to write new laws” – Quote from Narcania tiles, Professor of Law at Berkeley University.

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“There will likely be a chain reaction across the industry,” Tejas-Narcania adds.

Apples are in the crosshairs

Various American organizers Investigate Apple practices, And on the online commerce platform Amazon, which is also a judge and jury.

The European Union, which seized on a complaint from Spotify, estimated on Friday that the iPhone manufacturer had already “tarnished the competition” to topple its competitors, especially thanks to the “very high” commissions, for which its own apps were dedicated. Exempt de facto.

On Android, with Google’s system, which is largely dominant over smartphones, the store works in a similar way, but with one major difference: other download platforms are allowed.

“The real question for me is, do we really want an environment in which all applications must pass through the same portal, controlled by the hardware developer and the mobile operating system? – Quote from Eric Stallman, professor of law at UC Berkeley.

“The future of mobile computing is at stake.”

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