Majority Republicans in 2022?

As the Biden administration moves from bad polls to bad polls, congressional Republicans haven’t had that lead since 1981 in opinion polls leading up to the midterm year.

I’ve been saying for a while that this election is going to be crucial for Joe Biden and the Democrats. It is not uncommon for voters to suppress those in power at the start of a new presidential term. What is, is the lag so far behind.

While the Democrats should be satisfied with a low of 41%, their opponents have already managed to convince 51% of the electorate. It is more difficult to earn money, while the president’s party is trying to vote on a project that would help the most disadvantaged, 62% of respondents believe that the Democratic Party is far from reality.

Regardless of Afghanistan or pandemic issues, what is most punished by the Democratic Party is the disappointing performance of the US economy. Economic development is always high on voters’ list of priorities during election campaigns, and Joe Biden is in dire need of the good news out there.

Can you imagine the picture if the current administration is struggling to assert itself when it has the majority in both houses, if Republicans are leading the dance in the House and Senate?

News Letters /Washington Post It still contains some positive statements for Democrats. Voters strongly support the infrastructure plan as well as the announced spending on social services and the fight against climate change.

For infrastructure, support increased to 63%, while we got 58% for the second project. We can believe that if we could present job creation numbers more regularly similar to those of the past month, the outlook would look less bleak for Joe Biden and his forces. There is no doubt that the 2022 electoral cycle will not lack spices!

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