Maintenance of treatment processes for cancer patients

Lauren Cancer Institute And the Chru de Nancy They are once again joining forces to maintain optimal care for people with cancer from Tuesday. This isn’t their first attempt, as they also had a collaboration during the first and second waves.

Preservation of curative surgeries at any cost

This collaboration has a twofold goal: the first is not to cancel programmatic therapy surgeries for patients. That is the reason From this Tuesday, April 6Surgical teams from Nancy CHRU are welcomed into ICL operating rooms three to four days a week. All curative surgeries are preserved for the Institute’s patients. On the other hand, benign lesions surgeries, preventive operations (so-called prevention) and remote cancer reconstruction surgeries are reprogrammed in later periods.

Avoid delays in cancer diagnosis and treatment

All health measures are taken to Continue screening procedures Thus avoiding delays in diagnosis that may have consequences for stressful treatment or for patients’ chances of recovery. Therefore, the two institutions strongly encourage consultation in case of doubt. In addition, treatment continues in both institutions.

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