Mahrez in Saudi Arabia: Things are accelerating!

“Mahrez! Mahrez! Mahrez! No one expected Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahly fans to chant the name of the Algeria international striker from Manchester City when their club’s captain walked across the stands of Jeddah Stadium. Drop the case.

The Saudi fans are putting pressure on Mahrez and the leaders of Al-Ahly

It is true that things are accelerating in the file of the Desert Foxes captain, regarding his possible transfer to the Saudi Al-Ahly Club. Especially since thousands of club supporters mobilized to pressure not only the team leaders to insist on recruiting the Algerian international, but also Riyad Mahrez himself, who was bombarded with comments on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, to get him to sign with them. a team.

Indeed, thousands or even tens of thousands subscribed to the accounts of the Algerian right-wing citizens to encourage them to sign the contract proposed by the leaders of Al-Ahly. Better yet, many are calling for other supporters to do the same. Some have gone so far as to call on all Saudi fans, not just Al-Ahly supporters, to put pressure on Riyad Mahrez.

And it seems that they succeeded, according to the major British daily newspaper “The Sun”, which this week devoted an article to the Algerian international player and the desire of the Saudi club to recruit him. According to these media, a big draw in the United Kingdom, even if the Saudis were interested in Riyadh Mahrez for a few months, was not until the day after the Champions League final won by Manchester City, that the first contact with Mahrez was made. place.

Riyad Mahrez reportedly accepted Al-Ahly’s offer

Indeed, this first official contact did not lead to anything decisive regarding the Desert Foxes striker’s rejection of the Saudi offer. But after some time, the Nadi leaders arrived soccer From Al-Ahly, he returned to the charge, and The Sun newspaper realizes that Riyad Mahrez gave his approval to the Saudis, who offered a weekly salary of 410,000 pounds (about 480,000 euros, which would make it an annual salary of 25 million euros).

However, given that the contract only expires in 2025, it is up to the Manchester City management to have the final word on the Riyad Mahrez transfer file. More specifically to the Spanish coach of the Skyblues team, Pep Guardiola, who is responsible for managing the workforce of the team, especially in anticipation of next season. Namely, Guardiola has a problem in the right lane, as Bernardo Silva intends to leave the club. It would therefore be difficult for the Mancunian coach to let two right wingers go during the same transfer window.

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