Mahoney Vedent confirms that Mexico will mourn a famous group

Mahoney Vident confirms that Mexico will mourn the famous Grobero (Instagram)

Mahoney Vident Confirms Mexico Will Mourn Famous Ensemble | Instagram

The MahoneyVident messages have been posted to see what the entertainment world has in store for the athletes and the world in March and its predictions are not very good news. The famous Cuban assured that Mexico would mourn a great talent, a beloved member of the group.

On her YouTube channel, the famous star indicated that the death speech … is about a famous singer of the type Grobero, someone very dear not only in Mexico and Mahoni Vident stressed that everything will be the product of ‘betrayal’.

But the biggest tragedy is the death of a group, so loved by all Mexican people, Latin America and the United States. Mahoney noted in his predictions that death is completely surrounded by the betrayal of a relative, the betrayal of a friend, and the betrayal of the mafia.

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The former Hoy fortune teller was in awe of what could happen so soon that with this expectation she started her video and indicated that it was going to be something very powerful and that he was young. The Cuban star indicated that events could occur in Sinaloa, Jalisco or Sonora, or perhaps it is the home of the young man; Because these lands generally produce a lot of collective talent. Mahoney Vident made it clear that the unfortunate events will happen in March and will take place in public places when they leave an institution or event.

So I see that a young singer, 30, 32 years old, is very much loved, Sinaloa, Jalisco, Sonora; He’s leaving a restaurant, an event and shooting him …

The person who gained immense fame thanks to his predictions on the Sabadazo show, indicated that March will be one of the many changes for YouTubers, celebrities, athletes and others; There will be many births, but also many losses, including from Covid-19.

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It will be a whole month in the scene, special in sports.

Another harsh prediction made by Mhoni Vidente in this video is the one confirmed by Pele, that the Brazilian sports icon is in great danger and that Brazil will likely mourn this sporting legend very soon.

A very important vision has just come to me, gentlemen, when talking about the country of Brazil, I imagine the speech of death … is chasing another footballer, a likable character, someone between 80 years old, 77 years old, Pele, or he will be another athlete?

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Previously, Mahoney Vedent indicated that Maradona will not go alone and that Brazil will mourn Pele soon. Cuban indicated that there are always 3 personalities united together, so she assured that Argentina and Brazil will not only mourn their idols, but Mexico will also lose a great personality.

The expectation of Pele’s departure came to Bali in March when Mahoney spoke of Ronaldinho, who also had no good news. The famous clairvoyant assured that the 42-year-old athlete has to mature and that he still has accounts to crunch when it comes to money.

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