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TheThe project provides for the creation of a large “wonderful space” in the heart of the city. We want to transform a thermal island area covering an area of ​​approximately two hectares in the eastern sector of the agglomeration. The total cost is estimated at $ 883,565.

“The new development will allow, among other things, to increase the canopy cover and the surface area of ​​green spaces in order to create an island of freshness in a very urban area and more vulnerable to climatic hazards,” explains Vicki May Ham, Mayor of Magog.

In addition to these environmental benefits, the project will improve the citizens’ quality of life. The proposed development and greening plan will be fully aligned with the environmental policy of our municipality, in addition to reaffirming the importance of families and the elderly policy, which we are proud of. ”

The new park will also become green and conducive to community gardening activities, as well as a buffer space to regulate runoff water and allow for the reintroduction of urban biodiversity, according to a press release.

The financial aid was announced by Orford MNA Gilles Bélanger on behalf of Environment and Climate Change Minister Benoit Charette. The funds are paid as part of the Climate Municipalities Program – Phase 2.

Planting 150 trees

The planned development includes the planting of 150 trees, shrub beds, perennials and lawns, the installation of urban furniture suitable for the elderly and the addition of containers for planting gardens. He adds that educational workshops and activities for social integration through gardening are also planned to bring the place to life.

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The development of this large green space will be in a deprived urban area.

“The city of Magog is active in revitalizing urban areas and is determined to implement projects aimed at increasing the resilience of its citizens in the face of the effects of climate change,” begs Mr. Bellanger.

By providing new green infrastructure, such as this park, the city is demonstrating its desire to implement appropriate and promising solutions to improve the environment, as well as the living conditions of its citizens. Efforts deserve our support. “

Minister Sharett welcomes Magog’s decision to “pursue its objectives of revitalization and inclusive development while allowing its residents to better adapt to the impact of climate change.”

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