Macron wants to implement the principle of non-acceptance of immigrants

Luis de Raguenel
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12:59 PM, November 25, 2021

According to information from Europe 1, Emmanuel Macron wants to implement the principle of non-entry into the interior of the Schengen area. After the immigration crisis in Belarus and Wednesday’s tragedy in the canal, Emmanuel Macron plans to move forward with immigration issues. After halving visas to the Maghreb a month ago, the president himself said it in private a few days ago: it is not enough, it is not effective enough. Especially since the intermediate numbers of the parcel are frankly bad.

What does non-acceptance of immigrants mean?

This time, Emmanuel Macron wants to address the reform of the Schengen area for good, as part of the French presidency of the European Union next January. According to our information, this proposal should be submitted around December 8, along with other countries such as Germany, to the European Commission and Parliament.

It’s a real break. Concretely, he wants to propose the introduction of the principle of non-acceptance even within the borders of the European Union. Non-admissibility means that any migrant apprehended in EU countries, along internal borders, has never set foot there. This had happened in 2015 in the Maritimes Alps, and at the time, any migrants caught in the 20-kilometer area within French territory on the Franco-Italian border were considered to have never been in France. They were deported to Italy.

A very political action

It also means re-imposing systematic border controls within the EU to ensure Europeans’ freedom of movement, of course, but while filtering out migrants and preventing them from settling. With the goal, in the long run, that the countries that maintain EU borders – Eastern European countries and Italy – will have to better monitor those borders. With the help of Frontex it should be strengthened.

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A measure that, in the words of a close friend of the president, could have avoided the Nice attack. The project that if ever saw the light is also a very political one, as the right has been calling for it for years.

To achieve this, the head of state must unite the consensus of the EU countries. But this is already a real respite for the president, who was vehemently opposed to it a few months ago.

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