Macron says he accepts his controversial comments on non-vaccinators ‘totally’

Emmanuel Macron a assume an affirmer «totalment» ses propos controversés de mardi sur les non-vaccinés qu’il a dit avoir envie «d’emmerder», accusant certains d’entre aux de faire de «leur liberté, qui devient une irrespons Logo”.

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“One can be moved by expressions that seem familiar and which I quite suppose,” the President of the Republic said during a press conference at the Elysee with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

He denounced “I was touched by the situation we are in, the real division of the country exists, when some take their freedom, which becomes a slogan of irresponsibility.”

“Not only do they endanger the lives of others, they restrict the freedom of others and I cannot accept it,” he insisted.

“And I cannot allow discussions to flourish in our country which might consist of saying: ‘Let us not deal with them’ (because of the choices they have made, editor’s note). No. As I said it very clearly,” added the Head of State, returning to the context of the interview with Le Parisien , where he was responding to two angry caregivers about the unvaccinated.

As Emmanuel Macron explained, assuming his “simple strategy: vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate,” “it is an all-European movement that places restrictions on people who have not been vaccinated.”

“I say this with a lot of will and strength: We must do this to all of our fellow citizens who are making an effort to vaccinate and who, through the irresponsibility of some others who, at times by making choices, are tainted,” he said. .

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“And we must also do it for our fellow citizens who sometimes allow themselves to be taken in by discourses of obscurantism, discourses of fear: they do not protect themselves while European science, research, technological and production excellence are theirs,” he added.

“It was my responsibility to sound the alarm a little bit, and that’s what I did this week, so that we can move forward faster,” concluded the head of state.

In support of the French head of state, Ursula von der Leyen considered that “the vaccination card is a tool for protecting vaccinators.” For her, “this discussion of responsibility and freedom is very important in our society during a pandemic.”

On Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron said: “Not vaccinated, I really want to anger them. And so we will continue to do this until the end. That is the strategy.” His words sparked a political storm in the midst of the first reading exam in the National Assembly for the bill converting a health card into a vaccination card, which was painfully adopted on Thursday.

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