Macron: “Europeans must come out of their naivety” towards the United States and “respect them”

Paris | French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that “Europeans should get out of their naivety” by “drawing out the consequences” of new strategic choices for the United States, which has shifted toward their competition with China.

He insisted during a newspaper: “When we are under pressure from forces that sometimes harden, react, and show that we also have the strength and ability to defend ourselves we don’t succumb to escalation, it simply makes us respect.” Conference with the Greek Prime Minister, in response to France’s loss of the Australian submarine contract to the United States.

“The United States of America is great historical friends and allies in terms of values, but we are compelled to note that for more than ten years, the United States has initially focused on itself, and has strategic interests that are reorienting themselves towards China and the Gulf states and the Pacific,” he emphasized.

“This is their right, it is their own sovereignty. But here too we would be naive, or make a huge mistake, not wanting to draw all the consequences on ourselves,” he insisted, on the occasion of signing a contract with Strike for the sale of three frigates.

With the same pragmatism and the same clarity, we Europeans must take our share of our own protection. It is not a substitute for an alliance with the United States, not an alternative, but rather the assumption of this European pillar within the framework of NATO. We are required to take more responsibility for our own protection, I think this is legitimate; Therefore, it is up to us to do so.

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The September 15 announcement of a strategic partnership between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, which resulted in the cancellation of a huge contract for French submarines in Canberra, caused a major diplomatic crisis between France and the United States.

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