Luxury is more than ever the focus of consumer concerns

A recent study by the US Cabinet McKinsey & Company I have 7,500 consumers in six countries The world (Germany, Brazil, China, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom) is interested in the growing role of the search for well-being in our societies. Explore Six main categories related to this topic: health, physical activity, diet, appearance (fashion / beauty), sleep and meditation..

Health and physical activity

The survey tells us that 79% of those surveyed consider well-being an important criterion, or even an “absolute priority” for 42% of them. The report says interest has continued to grow for two or three years. Unsurprisingly, the area of ​​well-being that is gaining the most attention is health, with a marked desire to assume responsibility, particularly through telemedicine and connected health devices.

In this logic, Particular attention is paid to physical activity, especially since the onset of the health crisis. It’s really hard to escape a sedentary lifestyle with coaching clubs, telecommuting, and containment measures closed. A context that has greatly contributed to the success of “virtual gyms” designed for exercising at home.

Get rid of stress and improve your sleep

In every country, more than half of consumers surveyed said they want to give greater priority to Mindfulness meditation. A trend the authors of the report associate with the pandemic that, as we know, has contributed to raising levels of stress and mental disorder in populations around the world.

Perhaps for the same reasons, the respondents also showed A. Increased interest in technology (Apps, trackers) and accessories (blackout curtains, weighted blankets, etc.) aiming to improve sleep quality.

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Nutrition is not excluded, of course: consumers show a marked interest in delicious and healthy food.

In terms of clothing, the trend is comfort

In terms of appearance practices, Methods of non-surgical aesthetic medicine They have wind in their sails, especially those for fine needles, lasers, or oxygen jets.

As for clothing, the study confirms the existence of a trend already observed at the beginning of the epidemic: sportswear, which is a fashionable clothing from the United States that is the preference for comfortable, practical and functional clothes, with the aim of freeing the body from any obstacles. The way to dress is linked to a lifestyle that places more emphasis on relaxation and letting go, which is definitely preferred by the popularization of remote work.

The study said the priority given to these different aspects of well-being varies with the country of origin. The Japanese, for example, place looks above everything, while the Germans place more emphasis on their physical appearance. While Americans and Brazilians enjoy meditation, the British and Chinese tend to focus more on food.

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