Luis Purvega retires from tennis Canada in the fall

Tennis Canada made this announcement on Monday, slightly because it had to do so. The new president of the French Tennis Federation, Gilles Moreton, hinted in recent days that Borfega would act as a special advisor.

So the organization expected to confirm what it already knew a few months ago, and Borfega clarified the situation himself by videoconferencing: he will return to France, where he will work as a part-time tennis consultant. Canada, talks started with the French Confederation to advise Mr Moreton part-time as well.

Porvija said consultations with Canada would be smooth. We must not interfere with the team that will be in his place either. I’ll have them work. If there was still my shadow at the top, I guess whoever was in my place, his job wouldn’t be easier. If we needed advice or advice, they would contact me but it would be a very big mistake for me to participate too much, because whoever takes my place needs a free hand.

It remains unclear who will inherit the Elite Vice President of Development. But Luis Borvega will remain in office until the fall to ensure a smooth transition. He also sees that his departure will be useful For Tennis Canada, where it lets someone come up with new ideas.

Porviga decided in part because of the pandemic and the remoteness. His parents and son still live in Europe. They hadn’t seen them and his wife in nearly a year. So it was time.

What I can say is that in my team, there are people of great value who can take the next step, as Porfiga emphasized. I always wanted to announce my departure relatively early to make a smooth transition. I hope we will have time to name a successor quickly so we can work together for a few months.

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Eugene Labier, Vice President of Canadian Tennis Club, has praised Borfega’s work over the past fifteen years. He is clearly pleased that the French technician has agreed to continue his collaboration with the organization, which he said has capitalized on the strength of the message that Borfega wanted to deliver.

Very quickly after Lewis arrived, the results began to fall apart. We thought we could win. why not? Athletes have two arms and two legs like everyone else. It is a way of seeing things, and seeing that they are possible. And that was possible with Lewis.

His stint really changed the face of tennis in Canada. It will remain a milestone in the development of our sport.

Eugene Lapier, Vice President of Tennis Canada

Beautiful legacy

The person who joined Tennis Canada in 2006, as Head of Elite Development, paved the way for these players who are currently shining on the international stage.

We can think of names like Milos Raonic, Bianca Andreescu, Denis Shapovalov, Leyla Annie Fernandez, and Félix Auger-Aliassime.

There were many great moments, but the greatest moment in Canadian tennis was Bianca’s win. [aux Internationaux des États-Unis]Porvija stressed. Every country in the world dreams of winning a Grand Slam tournament, and Canada has won it in singles. Canadian tennis won the Grand Slam championships in doubles, but in singles it was the first time. Every coach dreams about it, and I’ve been fortunate as a senior manager.

Before coming to Montreal, where he reached vice president level in Tennis Canada, Louis Borfega was, among other things, associated with the French stars who would become Gail Monfils and Joe Wilfred Tsonga.

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In April 2020, he lamented the impact on Canadian tennis development from the loss of income associated with the cancellation of the Rogers Cup due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over 70% of Tennis Canada’s 120 employees were laid off at the beginning of June, and 40% of people were permanently laid off.

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