Lufthansa was targeted for false advertising about its environmental impact

Lufthansa It was called to order this Wednesday by the British authority Advertising (as). A German aviation group has been singled out for an ad that claims it is “protecting the future” of the planet and thus “gives the wrong impression. Environmental damage “In Airline.

According to the ASA, consumers can understand that this ad means that Lufthansa has already taken steps to reduce its environmental impact. The ad in question shows An airplane In the plane viewed from the front, its lower half is replaced by an image Earth. It says: “Connecting the world. Protect its future. »

Advertisements based on clear information

Air travel “produces high volumesCO2 emissions and others” and thus “substantial contribution Climate change ASA said. However, many of the climate initiatives proposed by Lufthansa will only produce results “over years or decades”.

The German company is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050 and wants to halve its CO2 emissions by 2030. It said it must now “ensure that its future environmental claims are clearly based and not misleading”. British Comptroller.

This Wednesday, Lufthansa responded with a “regret” for the misrepresentation. In the proceedings, the company told the regulator that in its view, the ad cannot be understood as an “absolute promise” but “a way to attract people to the website to raise awareness about environmental issues”.

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