Lucifer, season five, all secrets, tales, the most prominent events of the second part revealed by Tom Ellis

Netflix gets stuck hard with this cult series that has become The devil. Tom Ellis, the main character of the series, answered questions in an exclusive interview with Tele-Leisure. He revealed new discoveries about the rest of the series. Because the second part of Season 5 has just arrived on Netflix! And a difference The devil I have just packed since filming ended for the last and final season, Season 6. TV entertainment So use the perfect timing to get the secrets of Tom Ellis. objection You missed nothing from this interview and introduces you to the basics in this article. Journalists from TV entertainment He was entitled to reveal the secrets of filming and his confidence in the most prominent events of this second part of the fifth season.

Netflix does it justice The devilThe Friendly Devil in the TV series

The devil It starts on TV and one of the successes is that Netflix takes over the production of the series. In fact, had it not been for Netflix’s interference, there would only have been three seasons and fans would have been furious. One month after the first three seasons aired and the series was canceled, Netflix repurchases the rights The devil. Thus, three additional seasons were filmed. Chapters 4 and 5 were a huge hit on the platform and let those who didn’t know him The devil To follow the series from the beginning.

Then it’s the second part of the fifth season that fans have been waiting for on Netflix. You have just arrived! Meanwhile, filming for Season 6 is nearing an end. But Tom Ellis has become essential and it won’t be long before he sees him on screens, either on Netflix or anywhere else. But objection I can assure you, thanks TV entertainmentHow great is it on Netflix, in a romantic comedy!

TV entertainment So he capitalized on enthusiasm for the second part of The devil On Netflix for an exclusive interview with Tom Ellis. And the objection It tells you everything! For example, Lucifer will meet God and his father and this will jeopardize his relationship with Chloe. Next, Tom Ellis details the series’ special effects and reveals what is actually in the countless cups of whiskey.

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An Expected Encounter finally Puts Lucifer (Tom Ellis) Before God (Dennis Haysbert)

The figure of God is rich in colors, almost like that of Lucifer. In fact, Netflix didn’t tarnish the atmosphere of the show by purchasing the rights The devil. On the contrary, the platform gave the series the means to develop its potential. Thus, this difficult scene between a son and his father, whose son in the end searches for only his father’s affection, was as overwhelming as it was amusing. Tom Ellis trusts Pillars TV entertainment The Netflix show crew has made sure to meet all fan expectations. A central relationship in the series even though it was never previously exploited face to face.

Surprisingly, God and Lucifer also find themselves drawn in a unanimous episode of music. Tom Ellis admits that I really enjoyed filming this episode. He would even say it’s one of his favorites. “I’ve always liked the idea of ​​creating an episode Music. And with the coming of God we had a good reason. I’m glad I did (…) It’s one of my favorite “Lucifier” episodes. He said.

The only problem is that the arrival of Lucifer’s father on the Netflix series will put his relationship with Lauren German in jeopardy. In fact, Tom Ellis explains that his character doubts his ability to feel. Fans know he can do it, but he himself constantly doubts how he feels. Thankfully, Tom Ellis reassures everyone about the rest!

Finally, when it comes to his whiskey cups, it’s just water with a caramel coloring in their cups. objection I didn’t doubt that. But the star of the Netflix series wanted journalists to believe him TV entertainment It was indeed whiskey! Plus, no more makeup to transfer cool effects to camera. With success The devil, Followed by the budget. So the special effects are more and more crazy!

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