Lucifer Season 6: An amazing ending planned for the Netflix series?

As for the final season of Lucifer on Netflix, it seems the showrunners are determined to do their best to create an extraordinary finale.

The final season of The devil fast approaching on Netflix. A golden opportunity for video on demand service for you to enjoy captivating conclusion. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Lucifer in the extension of the house

Since 2016 The devil The fans are happy. Actually, The sexiest demon in Hollywood Los Angeles invested without any worries.

Bored with the horrific monotony of hell, the fallen angel didn’t hesitate to do so Say goodbye to cursed souls. Goodbye shoals, hello Los Angeles

A unique opportunity for the Prince of Darkness to experience new adventures. Ready to clear your mind, until the handsome brunette decided to get into the business.

So the Son of God together with Lux caused a great commotion among mankind. Place each surplus in the image of his character.

But one fine day, things changed. Lucifer comes face to face with Chloe Decker. Intrigued by a mysterious aura, Michael’s twin brother will do everything to get close to the young woman.

Furthermore it, With the City of Angels Police, Satan will mess with you for years. Until the day his father himself came down to earth to announce his retirement.

The choice is not trivial to The Creator who then searches for an heir. Neither one nor two, the Lord of the Underworld would apply for the position.

Then it ends up Get this unexpected promotion. A real change in the life of this tyrannical creature who torments the villains. Now happily married and king of the world, young man in heaven.

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Season 6 ready for Netflix

But while everything seems to be going well in Lucifer’s life, fans have the right to wonder how the production plans to end Last season in preparation.

So the showrunners provided some clues. And it seems that the tribute ring is already planned. “While this is probably the most intimate season we’ve had, there is also the most expensive episode ever. Suddenly, We still have something amazing to show. »

This is what Ildi Modrovic and Joe Henderson hinted at After the last part aired, it was uploaded a few days ago. Comments reported by Netflix a la Carta.

Despite all the rumors, Things are still very blurry in the said episode. In fact, no additional evidence was provided. However, this may be a kind of conclusion to this saga The devil.

For their part, the writers said that The final chapter of the series will focus on feelings. This will put an end to the various relational questions that may have arisen during the show.

One thing is for sure, all the adventure members are already intending to do their best to close this latest chapter. A word of advice, get your tissues out!