Lucifer Blows All Your Netflix Streaming Watch Records!

While Netflix aired Lucifer Season 5 Part B just a few days ago, the series is already smashing all viewing records.

Just a few days ago, Netflix unveiled Lucifer Season 5 Part B. The least we can say is that fans have been eagerly awaiting this season. have beside blew up all records.

A highly anticipated sequel

Due to the health crisis, the release of Part B of Lucifer has been delayed. In fact, the shooting had a huge gap and Netflix series He has not survived covid 19.

On the other hand, the actors Lucifer consider themselves happy. Anyway, that’s what Leslie Ann Brandt had to say about the series. In an interview with Haute Living Media, She had given information.

Leslie Ann Brandt said: “We were one of those very lucky shows. We had about a week of filming Finish 5B before taking a break« .

The actress added: “It wasn’t like we were stopping in the middle of an episode. So we were very lucky. As far as Our break was long« .

So the Lucifer cast consider themselves lucky to have been able to use the season 5 break from Lucifer to get through the health crisis. After months of waiting, the series has finally been released on Netflix for The greatest happiness for the fans.

It is not surprising that the series broke a real record of views on the platform. According to Business Insider’s rating, this is the series that made Most Viewed on Netflix. This is not surprising at all.


Lucifer fans are waiting for season 6

Now Netflix fans are eagerly awaiting the sixth season of Lucifer. Filming of the latter ended just a few weeks ago. Which angered the fans It will be last season.

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On social networks, actors say goodbye to Lucifer. The least we can say is that she really looked Too sad to draw a line Over the years of filming.

It must be said that many friendships were born on the set of the Netflix series. So many actors have shared messages on their Instagram account to Trust this adventure.

Tom Ellis and Leslie-Ann Brandt also seemed very frustrated to have the Lucifer book closed. On the other hand, a person who could ascend to the head of the underworld trusted him Not possible to rotate.

In fact, Leslie Ann Brandt is not against the idea of ​​making a series about Maze in the Underworld. At the moment, no This topic has not been announced. Fans are wondering if this is just an idea or a future series.

So it will be necessary to be patient before learning more. Now, fans of the Lucifer series can’t wait to see the rest of the series. At the moment, there is No announcement date.

Season 6 should definitely see the light of day end of the year or next year. case to follow!