Lubero: 10 kidnappings within 3 months

Ten cases of kidnapping were recorded in the space of three cases in the Bunyangenji district, in the Itala group, Lubero Province (North Kivu).

Consensual sources in the region and civil society attribute these actions to armed groups active in this region.

Among them, the Union of Patriots for the Defense of the Innocents (UPDI), formerly led by General Ketet Buchou, who was killed by the army last year.

There is also the Maï-Maï Mazembe, led by another self-proclaimed general of the Kabedu Brigade and the Nyatura, led by a certain Taby, roams the villages of Bitongi and Bulimbi, in Kanyabayonga, Rutshuru territory and in the localities of Bunyangingi, in the Itala group, Lubero territory.

Local civil society said these fighters are also committing abuses in Kamandi, in the Mosembe community, in the Bamat chiefdom.

These militia members, without faith, impose heavy and fixed fines and illegally tax the residents of this part of North Kivu.

To gain access to their crops, but also to escape physical torture and all other kinds of punishment, for example, peasants are required to pay 1,000 Congolese francs ($0.50) per day.

The director of Lubero County contacted to confirm the activity of these armed groups in his entity.

It even specifies that an armed group hostile to Operation PDDRC-S led by a certain Mayani, demands from every school in this district $500 USD, otherwise this tax will be charged to teachers.

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