Louvre: The city is considering Erasmus+ for the European mobility of its youth

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Salome Lemery, Project Manager at Maison de l’Europe de l’Eure, and Hazal Vecel, a young Turkish volunteer from the European Solidarity Corps, here during the first Summer Forum for Jobs and Citizen Engagement at the Louvre on April 27, 2022 © La Dépêche de Louviers – Pierre Chouzneh – Archives

there Louvre (ER) wants to stand out International partnerships. This is what was presented to elected officials during City Council Monday, May 22, 2023 Through the policy of the municipality in favor of European and international action until the end of the mandate, i.e. 2026.

One of the goals of the plan put forward to elected officials is to apply for it Merger of the Erasmus+ alliance.

“The Normans lag behind in terms of mobility”

This consortium will allow Pupils were educated at Louvrein school, college or high school,” to take advantage of European Mobility Schemewith particular attention to pupils in the priority education network”, according to the Mayor, François-Xavier Brilaud (MoDem).

In general, the Normans lag behind in terms of mobility. However, there are a lot of devices that are often overlooked. We are currently working with the university administration to see how well the City of Louvre can respond to taking over the leadership of the Erasmus+ consortium.

Francois-Xavier Briaulaud
LOUVIERS - Prelaud - The flag of Europe July 27, 2020
François-Xavier Brilaud, Mayor of Louvier and Vice-President of Normandy in charge of Europe, is a convinced European. © La Dépêche de Louviers – Pierre CHOISNET – Archives of July 2020

If the application is accepted by the university administration, coordination between the Erasmus+ consortium will allow the municipality “You have European funding For the engineering and operational implementation of mobility projects at the service of the many Loverian masses.” The Mayor recognizes that it is a “great responsibility.” He specifies that it will not only be for schools, but in a broader context for the benefit of the greatest number.

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Lovers International

There is nothing surprising in the fact that François-Xavier Briaulaud was such a candidate, it is he who European masked He does not hesitate to praise the European Union wherever he can. otherwise chosen is 15H Vice President of the Normandy Region, responsible for Europe.

Project to create a “structure, pre-linker”, named Lovers International, is also on the right track. This potential association will bring together “those who wish to develop initiatives open to Europe and the world”. Thus it is conceivable that they cluster together The three pairs of louvres (Weymouth Portland in the UK since 1958 / Holzwicked in Germany since 1977 / San Vito dei Normanni in Italy since 2008).

Backyard for the 2024 Paris Olympics

Furthermore, the City of Louvre wishes to sign the Charter of Commitment of the Naming “European City”but also to sensitize its elected representatives to Europe by having them take part regularly in the “excursions offered by the region of Normandy”.

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local share in Global Forum “Normandy for Peace” (Next edition in Caen on September 27 and 28), whose source was François-Xavier Brilaud, will also be highlighted.

ProspectWe welcome foreign sports delegations to prepare Paris Olympics 2024 He fully enters into this broad plan. In fact, the Maison des Sports et des Association Thomas Pesquet was chosen as the training center for the Olympic Games around fencing and weightliftingThis is for foreign delegations looking for training venues.

The city ensures that discussions are “progressing with several countries, in particular Saudi Arab (for fencing and weightlifting) f the black Mountain (for water polo and handball).

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European and international action will also take place by following up on commitments already in place since 2014, that is, since the coming to power of this majority. Here are some examples:

  • Welcoming refugees, especially from Ukraine
  • Welcoming foreign sports teams at the Glacéo Ice Rink or at the Maison des sports et des Association Thomas Pesquet
  • Promote citizenship, in particular through the Citizen Academy or the Celebration of Adulthood
  • The search for European funding for local projects, as was done at Simone Veil Health Center, Bus High Level Service (BHNS) for the Seine-Eure Avenue project.

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