Lots: Collectors’ exhibition unloads its treasures at Espace Valentré on Friday

The Lotte Collectors Association is organizing its 47th exhibition for collectors in Cahors on Friday. The day of liking, buying, selling or exchanging.

They have never, since 1981, gone out of their way to organize their traditional university fair, with the exception of the Covid health crisis, in 2020 and 2021. The Association of Lotte Collectors will open the Espace Valentré for this 47th edition. So we go again for a non-stop day from 9 am to 5 pm, where almost a thousand curious and collectors will flock.

About sixty multi-group exhibitors are expected to participate in this public event. This day will give prominence to numismatics, antique toys, books and comics, military kits (weapons and especially military decorations), collectible dolls, postcards, etc.

Despite a rough start, with registration files being sent out amid fuel shortages and high prices at the pump, exhibitors will be loyal to the meeting whether they are coming from Toulon or even Spain. “We were a little scared at first, but eventually we got full!” Jean-Michel Rivier jokes, with the regulars of course but also with the newcomers.”

This exhibition will allow several hundred visitors to buy, sell or exchange all kinds of collectibles, in the presence of the sixty exhibitors.

“Many combinations are trendy and make a strong comeback, like key rings. Among the youngsters there are Pokemon cards whose prices are very high, but you must be careful not to get looted. They are also very popular, these are champagne caps, beans .. .Affirmed Values,” Collectors Guild member details.

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Offbeat exhibition about petanque and stud balls

This Friday, organizers will also include Lotoise Récup’timbres, based in Pradens, among the exhibitors. Their stamp collections, then resale, help humanitarian associations in Africa, Asia or South America.
As in previous editions, Ciné + volunteers will also be offering for sale hundreds of movie posters, produced over the past 30 years.

On the Espace Valentré Theater, visitors will be able to browse a unique and completely unexpected exhibition prepared by Christophe Ayral and dedicated to his passion for petanque and studded bowling. This member of the Lotus Collectors’ Association hopes to spark public curiosity and interest thanks to this offbeat exhibit…

Finally, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Société des études du Lot, Bernard Veyri has designed a postcard for this 47th edition of the Collectors’ Fair which will be distributed with the purchase of the entry ticket set at €2.

Note that the Société des Etudes du Lot will organize a large conference for its anniversary on December 1, 2 and 3 in Cahors. Then, in February 2023, lotte collectors will meet you at the traditional antique toy fair.

admission 2 euros; Snacks and refreshments on site.

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