Lorient: Dogs can benefit from a space to play and run 24 hours a day

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In Lorient (Morbihan), dogs can benefit from an area accessible 24 hours a day to play and run. © Pixabay

since Tuesday, July 11, 2023Dogs can enjoy a new space to play and run Lorient (Morbihan). the new Dog space 2000 m2 It opened its doors at the corner of Xinyu Street and Melun Street.

Set up to meet the needs of the people who live in the neighborhood, this new space, complete with benches and dog waste bags, is accessible 24 hours a day. “The aim is to give more freedom to pets who must be kept on a leash on public roads,” says the city of Lorient. The opening of this place also allows for a safe space for pets.

15,000 euros for the completion of the work

To realize this new space, a budget of €15,000 was allocated to the works.

The dog space that just opened its doors at the corner of Chenyu Street and Mellon Street is the second of its kind in Lorient. A lounging area for dogs is already available in the République sector.

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