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Lookism finally arrives in an animated series on Netflix France!

Lookism is a popular South Korean website, first released in November 2014. The series now has 8.7 billion views worldwide.

The webtoon is a social critique by Daniel Park. Park is an unpopular, fat, ugly, bossy and scornful middle school student. He is constantly bullied and harassed every day, often reacting aggressively to his mother and demanding a school transfer.

Anime Lookism Netflix France webtoon

Determined to escape his current problems and start over, he moves to Seoul and attends his new high school. However, the night before he enters the school, he discovers that he has a new body that is tall, muscular, and very handsome.

Lookism Netflix France webtoon version

Now able to see the world in a completely different light, she lives her life as someone everyone envies. Despite this, his days are still divided between his two bodies, and he is determined to use his beautiful body during the day and the other at night.

Lookism Netflix France Webtoon

As Daniel lives his life with his two bodies, he begins to see how the world discriminates against people simply because they are “different”. Hence the webtoon title: “Lookism”.

lookism outlet france korean outlet

Through his original body he suffers discrimination and hatred from the world, while in his other body he sees his own beauty. Her new body takes her through many trials in her life: becoming a celebrity, a Kpop trainee at an entertainment company, living in the Seoul underworld, and becoming a model.

lookism outlet France Korean 12

However, once night falls, this rosy dream becomes a harsh reality of what the world really is, all of its cruelty coming back to haunt Daniel once more.

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lookism Netflix France Anime

This webtoon is amazing for several reasons, but the main reason is that it addresses the majority of aspects of Korean life and its derivatives.

It critiques the main themes revolving around the people represented: high school students in full development, building on their interactions with their families, peers, and environment.

webtoon lookism

Like the webtoon In the original, the plot of the LOOKISM animated series also evokes the cult of appearance and subtle materiality that characterize the daily life of our modern society.

South Korea webtoon lookism

Showing up in South Korea and being stigmatized is a harsh reality. Of the more than 24.5 million women living in South Korea, 4.9 million have already had plastic surgeryor even one in three South Koreans who have had surgery.

Every year in the country, 1.2 million plastic surgeries are performed.

lookism webtoon South Korea baccalaureate

For young women between the ages of 15 and 35, some stats may be as high as 75%. This is explained mainly by the fact that minor operations, such as ocular debridement, are not considered in the public eye as a plastic surgery, and this type of inexpensive operation is even offered by parents to their children. Baccalaureate Day.

lookism webtoon South Korea surgery

In the Gangnam district alone, one can find 472 different clinics that perform cosmetic procedures at all levels. It’s a hit factor for finding a mate, a job and making your family proud.

South Korean appearance

In the end, teenage girls who take daily transportation face this question themselves about their physique and force themselves, once they reach adulthood, to undergo surgery to become more beautiful, which is the only way to gain respect from their fellow countrymen. ..

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Daniel's Netflix Luckism

The webtoon’s many arcs successively attack all aspects that make these high school students’ lives, starting with the most serious and most important: harassment and physical discrimination, the webtoon begins with a very recurring problem identified in Asian societies: those with power mistreat those who don’t. .

lookism webtoon netflix france

In the midst of all these issues, we find our characters meeting, interacting, and evolving according to the experiences they face. So comes the second point

lookism webtoon netflix france korea

Lookism is a webtoon A deep dive into Korean society in order to shed light on the societal issues that plague South Korea. Primarily aimed at a Korean audience, it nonetheless gets to the bottom of important topics, with likable characters.

Lookism confirms its launch on a Netflix France + webtoon analysis

Lookism was supposed to be released on the platform Netflix From November 4th. After a few weeks of delay, it was revealed that the launch date for Lookism would be announced. See you on Netflix on Thursday, December 8, 2022 to discover the anime.

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