Long-term forecast: HITS ‘first real heat wave after subtropical air sweep UK | Weather forecast

The UK weather chart shows a rise in temperature in May

High pressure is expected to enter northwestern Europe in May, with temperatures likely to rise in some parts of southern England after it ends with rain and wind in April. Brian Case, forecaster for The Weather Outlook, predicts that tropical winds will clear mild conditions across southeastern England in the second week of May. WXCHARTS reports that temperatures in Cambridge and Peterborough could rise to 22 degrees Celsius on Monday, May 10th.

Further south, London, Kent and Essex could move at 21C on the same day, while parts of the north, including Leeds and Yorkshire Tales, may experience similar temperatures.

The western and northeastern parts of England are also expected to experience double-digit figures as peaks in the 19th century. Reaches Liverpool, Stoke and Newcastle.

Mr Case told Express.co: “Some computer model tests suggest weather changes in the second week of May, with areas of low pressure likely to slow down and accumulate in the western UK.”

“If that happens, tropical winds could be absorbed into some parts of the UK, with the south and southeast sometimes experiencing warmer conditions.

Long-term forecast: Britain ready to shoot at 22 C (Image: WXCHARTS / GETTY)

However, it can be very unstable, especially with the risk of rain or prolonged rain in the north and west.

“There are signs of drought and stabilization for some time in mid-May.

“There are also temporary signs of warm conditions at the end of May, which is often the time of year when the first real heat is felt.”

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Depending on the level of high pressure the temperature added by the BBC will be higher than average by the end of the month.

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Long-term forecast: Warmer winds are likely from northwestern Europe (Image: WXCHARTS)

The long-term forecast from Monday, May 10 to Sunday, May 23 states: “As we approach the end of May, confidence in the forecast is waning as computer models struggle to contain the rise.

“At this point, we usually go back to our historical analogies for further guidance, where we look at previous years, which will be like large-scale weather patterns from this year onwards.

However, they also give mixed signals about where the high pressure is going.

“Based on the factors that we believe will be most important in the coming weeks, we predict that the United States, including the UK, will most likely be one of the high pressures in northwestern Europe, including the UK, before heading east in late May.

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Long-term forecast: High pressure may raise the temperature

Long-term forecast: High pressure to raise temperature (Image: WXCHARTS)

“It will lead to a lot of dry weather, but temperatures will start to rise near or above average.

“The best chance of higher than average temperatures is with the southeast wind on the western edge of the high pressure, but we will have to wait until the end of May for this pattern to form.”

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The Meteorological Office’s long-term forecast indicates that sunlight and dry spells may be seen by the end of May.

The forecast between Friday, May 14th and Friday, May 28th reads, “At the end of the season, uncertainty increases, which is common in spring.

Long-term forecast: The north and west of the UK may benefit from the sun in May

Long-term forecast: The north and west of the UK may benefit from the sun in May (Image: WXCHARTS)

“It is expected to be mostly unstable, although good dry weather is possible, especially at the end of the season.

“Temperatures will start to rise, but they are unlikely to get unusually warm for the season.

Hope for this perspective is very low in late spring.

“The combination of sunny / clear spells and showers, especially in the beginning, the southern regions have very stable conditions.

Long-term forecast: Warm winds may push upwards from Europe

Long-term forecast: hot winds may push upward from Europe (Image: WXCHARTS)

“There is a risk of more unpredictable weather in the north, with strong winds and prolonged rainfall sometimes coming from the Atlantic Ocean.

“Temperatures are often average for most of the year.”

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