London tightens law against illegal immigration

With our correspondent in London, Emily Wine

In five years, the number of migrants crossing the canal has increased sixty-fold, to 45,000 last year. Interior Minister Suella Braverman vows to end the influx:

If someone comes here illegally, they will not stop coming until the whole world knows that they will be deported to their home country or a safe third country. The text allows for detention without bail or judicial review for up to 28 days pending extradition. It obliges the Ministry of Interior to expel irregular arrivals and severely restricts the possibility of an appeal to suspend expulsions. »

minister” Cannot be guaranteed » The text must comply with international asylum laws.

If the opposition agrees that action is necessary, it condemns the ineffective plan. Diane Abbott, Labor MP: ” You talk about detention, deportation. But where are you going to stop them all? We don’t have the talent! Your tone, your actions are deplorable and unworkable. »

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is expected to use Friday’s meeting with Emmanuel Macron to ask for more support from France.

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