London offers a swift mechanism for the G7 to counter disinformation

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced that the United Kingdom wants the Group of Seven to create a mechanism to quickly counter “propaganda” and disinformation, especially from Russia.

The issue will be addressed at the meeting of the Group of Seven foreign ministers, which will be held in London from Monday to Wednesday.

“We want the Group of Seven to unite with a quick refutation mechanism so that when we see these lies, propaganda or fake news being spread, we can (…) deny and set the record straight, for the people of this country, but also in Russia or in China and in the world at large.” This was stated by the head of British diplomacy to reporters.

According to the Sunday Times, a study funded by the British Foreign Office found that “pro-Russian trolls” post malicious comments on British newspaper websites to give the impression that the public supports Russian aggression against Ukraine.

It is then used by Russian state media to show that British public opinion supports Moscow, according to the newspaper, which claims the same operation is being used against media from 14 other countries, including some G7 members. And Italy, Japan and the United States.

The study is due to be presented on Tuesday in London at the first in-person meeting of G7 foreign ministers in two years.

The British Foreign Office had recently summoned the Russian ambassador in London, and the British government said it was “very concerned about the tendency of the Russian state to adopt a malicious position.”

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On Saturday, he also announced an envelope worth 8 million pounds (9.2 million euros) for the BBC’s international service plans to combat disinformation.

This week, the Anti-Disinformation Unit of European Diplomacy released a report saying that Russia and China are engaging in “smear” campaigns to undermine confidence in vaccines approved by the European Union to spend their money. Their own vaccines.

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