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Thomas Pesquet will not be idle during his six months on the International Space Station. Its program includes 232 scientific experiments, including one dedicated to studying stem cells in the absence of gravity. But he’s French and The New York Times We cannot miss the opportunity to set it up as an icon of our absolute cultural exclusivity and ancient talent, beware … the kitchen. We know that our national hero will be sharing freeze-dried versions of peritoneal crab and cod with black rice and potato cakes with Roscoff onions. This culinary saga wouldn’t have been possible without the work of Alain Ducasse, who was not content with controlling the planet, having worked in space catering for years through his specialist consulting firm. Chef Thierry Marx and his friend Raphael Hammon of the French Center for Culinary Innovation, as well as Servair, have contributed to some 92 gourmet meals planned for the space station. The article goes behind the scenes of this feat. Due to strict onboard instructions, the beef wine sauce was purified with carrots from its alcohol using a rotary evaporator, and the disappearance of said alcohol was observed using a spectrophotometer. Other info, croissants won’t be flying in our galaxy anytime soon. Good food scholars have fallen. There is no way to make it edible.


The mission to persevere on Mars focuses on other vital needs: producing oxygen from the atmosphere, which is almost entirely made of carbon dioxide. The MIT Technology Review He explains the miracle: a device the size of a toaster that absorbs the surrounding air,

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