Liz Truss, the new prime minister, ‘good news’ or ‘big problem’ for France?

Dear Neighbors – Boris Johnson’s reign as Prime Minister is over, Liz Truss’s place on the Downing Street side. Big change on the side of Paris, or nothing new in the gray of London?

I love you, me too. relations British French They are, as we know, the turbulent kind: old enemies, allies in world wars, historical rivals in rugby, football and in almost all sports, they hate our rock but they love our clothes, we laugh at their cooking but we taste their beer. And in this strange pact, each new head of state is watched suspiciously on the other side of the channel: he/she arrives, good news He went Bad News ?

So imagine instead when the new British Prime Minister said, Les Trussentered on Monday, and released two weeks ago She does not know whether Emmanuel Macron is a “friend” or “enemy”. Bad mood in the future?

British pragmatism

Be careful not to formulate every future British foreign policy on the basis of this single, admittedly deeply offensive statement: “This was a question in an internal Conservative Party debate, where the goal was to rally the most voting members,” paraphrases Genres Alexander Collier, Professor at University of Burgundy, co-author of a book Political parties in Britain (Collection U, 2013) and a specialist in political life (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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