Liz Truss Confuses On Twitter With A Surfer

Agence France-Presse / HuffPost Mistaken by Liz Truss on Twitter, Liz Trussell enjoys replying to messages (which is funny).

Agence France-Presse / HuffPost

Mistaken by Liz Truss on Twitter, Liz Trussell enjoys replying to messages (which is funny).

United Kingdom – Some Britons would already like to see their Prime Minister instead of the Prime Minister. Personality Liz Trussell’s Twitter account has been delighting netizens with the channel since the appointment of the new Prime Minister, Liz Trussell, who will officially replace Boris Johnson as of Tuesday, September 6.

It all starts with a similarity that has led to some confusion. On Twitter, Twitter account ” Tweet embed “Feeded by a person calling herself Liz Trussell, was taken to the Twitter account of the new 10 Downing Street resident, whose real account is” Tweet embed “.

So nuance that many users of the social network, including official accounts, confused the two people when reacting to Monday’s fiery news: the appointment of the new British Prime Minister.

“I’m getting ready to go to Balmoral!” »

But that doesn’t seem to bother the person who keeps the “Liz Trussell” account, quite the contrary. I really enjoyed answering all the messages I received, with a lot of humor. “Congratulations to Liztruss assuming the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom”For example, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s official account tweeted in a now-deleted message. “I look forward to coming soon! Swedish meatballs preparation »Liz Trussell quickly replied.

“I’ll be busy”also responds to a user announcing the appointment of the new Prime Minister by flagging the wrong Twitter account.

“I’m getting ready to go to Balmoral!” I can’t wait to meet a corgi”she writes again on Tuesday morning, as the real Liz Truss goes to this royal residence in Scotland to officially name her Queen Elizabeth II.

” thank you my dear “wrote to a user who confused her and congratulated her for it ‘Make his country proud’.

“Sorry I was at Nando’s (Famous restaurant chain, editor’s note),” she told a user who wanted to blame the real Liz Truss for ignoring her rival in the race for Conservative Party chief, Rishi Sunak, at the time of the announcement.

“People keep tagging anonymously instead of the new PM and you get caught up in the game, LOL”

Caroline Lucas, an environmental activist elected to the House of Commons, cited the wrong Twitter account in a post criticizing Boris Johnson’s record and the campaign led by Liz Truss to replace him. “Sorry, my last tweet about the Tory leadership was directed at Trussliz, not Liz Trussell who writes for Liztruss. Although frankly she would probably do a better job”quickly corrected in a new message.

Another story to remember

Liz Trussell’s joke, whose last tweets date back to 2018, hit the mark. So many users have suggested, always in second place, to appoint Liz Trussell as Prime Minister rather than conservative Liz Truss.

“Where do I sign? “So he asked the first To a local advisor that offer a Petition for Liztruss to become Prime Minister instead of trussliz.

“If Liztruss arrives at Balmoral before trussliz and shows her identity card, the Queen must appoint her Prime Minister. It is the law.”

“Is it too late for appointment? this is Liz Truss Prime Minister? »

“Ah, I know how you feel!” »Eric Trump, the namesake of the businessman and son of former US President Donald Trump, wrote.

The story of Liz Trussell (who did not respond to requests from HuffPostJohn Lewis is an American family man who receives 50,000 tweets a year For the British supermarket chain of the same name.

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