Liz Emmott has reunited railroad partner solutions

This was previously appointed by American Express and Amadeus as Director of Global Distribution and Business Solutions at Trainline Partner Solutions (TPS). Her appointment follows other recent appointments within the Champa Magesh team, president of TPS, and supports the expansion of Trainline’s B2B offerings.

Liz Emmott began her career at American Express moving into commercial positions in B2B Payment and Business Travel (Amex GBT) leading local, multinational and global teams. In 2016, she joined Amadeus as UK Sales Director, before becoming the UK General Manager and Commercial Director for Business Travel (UK, Ireland and Italy).

Liz Emmott will strengthen her team in the coming months, with recruitments ongoing in the UK and mainland Europe: “ I am very excited to join Trainline in its ambition to become the number 1 railway platform in the world. As companies and travelers increasingly realize the impact of their journeys on the environment, Trainline Partner Solutions brings real expertise in rail technology to make sustainable choices easier and more affordable.«.

Congratulating Champa Magish on her role as Liz Emmott » You join our team to provide our business travel partners with more ways to put rail at the heart of travel and advance train paradigm transformation. Our goal, with Distribution and Business Solutions, is to simplify the complex world of ticket sales, so that more companies and their employees choose a greener mode of transportation.«.

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