Livery, the art of car personalization

The Gran Turismo 7 livery editor was first introduced on Gran Turismo Sport, and it will be an upgraded version.

creator great tourismAnd Kazunori Yamauchi, raises the improved ergonomics and ease of use of the livery editor in Gran Turismo 7 Via the developer diary: “Livers have been applied to racing cars since the 1970s, and some of these livers have become iconic and closely associated with the collective memories of some legendary races. I think using the car body editor makes the car like a blank slate, a vehicle for expression. It is basically a way for players to express themselves. The main goal of creating this new car body editor is to improve the accessibility for players. This tool has been used to create several million balls so far…and I’m always amazed at the creativity the players show.

Gran Turismo 7 will be available on March 4, 2022 on PS5 and PS4.

The return of Spec B mode in Gran Turismo 7?

B-Spec has been part of the Gran Turismo licensing since GT4, and while it has escaped GT Sport, it’s entirely possible that functionality will return in Gran Turismo 7, although Polyphony Digital is still quiet about that for the time being. This famous pose exists in several different forms, but the basic principle remains the same. Instead of driving the races yourself, you can train and direct one or more AI-controlled pilots to race for you. It could be a short race or, in modern iterations, a team of drivers running several hours of endurance racing in order to save player fatigue.

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