LIVE – Euro 2021: Against England, ‘We’ll be ready to fight’, Leonardo Bonucci promises

Concerned about the health consequences of the final

The English semi-final victory over the Danes on Wednesday (2-1 local time) led to scenes of jubilation at the London Stadium, as if the health crisis was no longer present. And the same images of fans embracing and shouting their joy, often without a mask, could be repeated on Sunday against Italy (9:00 pm), in the “football grounds” waiting for their first title since 1966.

British Business Secretary Kwasi Quarting said he was “confident there won’t be a big explosion” in the euro-related Covid issues. “But I can’t guarantee it right now. We’ll have to see what happens,” however, he immediately softened.

An optimism that specialists do not necessarily share. “It’s not the ultimate problem,” points out epidemiologist Antoine Flaholt, director of the Institute for Global Health at the University of Geneva, so much as carnivals or festivals are “rather dense” and “have never been the target of the groups that have been identified yet,” he told AFP.

“On the other hand, it is important not to think that these matches are just matches. People come in crowded transport, very unsafe, and are accommodated on site, go to bars, to party, to have fun interactions. Or on the contrary That drown their tears. There will be a third half that will likely be a source of infection.”

A report released Thursday by Imperial College London highlighted a much higher rise in Covid cases in London than in the rest of England, and stronger among men than women, a trend that could be linked to sports news.

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Professor Stephen Riley, author of the report noted: “If I were to guess at the impact of the euro (…) I would first consider making it more likely that people would congregate indoors more frequently than others.” “My first thought would not be immediately for the stadiums or their surroundings, but rather it would be more for the general attitude of the population, but we do not have results that call for this particular point in this study,” he said.

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