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The opinion of the Scientific Council on extending the health permit

While the controversial bill that runs until July 31, 2022, the potential use of the health permit is being presented Wednesday in the Cabinet, the opinion of the Scientific Council dedicated to this question has been published.

Essentially, the authority considers that health authorities must “maintain over time a legal capacity to act in the event of a new epidemic wave over the coming months” and “recognize the operational necessity of this period.”

The Scientific Council also “strongly recommends that health authorities establish a legal framework based on the principles of interaction and proportionality,” as the bill could notably state that “vigilance measures, such as a health permit, should not be triggered or prolonged unless the health status It is justified and, on the contrary, should be able to be stopped temporarily or permanently in the event of a favorable development.”

Finally, the authority recommends that health authorities resort only to “control measures” as a last resort, given the medical and public health tools available today.

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