Liskargott: 50 years after Cheltenham’s Gold Cup double, the horse that took off the Red Rum throne

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It was once said that it was easier to get quotes from Marcel Marceau rather than Tommy Carbery.

His praise for the marvelous horse of his career, Liskargott, was terse, reflected in him as a “real horse”, and praise from a man of few words and father of an Irish racing breed.

The snail is best known for the horse that eventually abdicated the Red Rum at Grand National, but it is also one of only two horses to win the National Cup and Cheltenham Gold Cup – the other being the Golden Miller.

Part of the reason why he doesn’t seem to be getting the adulation he probably deserves is because of the public’s affection for Red Rum but also, in part, because of the low praise from Carberry, his coach, and stepfather Dan Moore.

If the name Carberry survives after his death thanks to his equestrian offspring, then L’Escargot’s name does not carry exactly the same degree.

This year the Cheltenham Festival marks the 50th anniversary of its second two Gold Cup triumphs. The name – literally the French word for snail – wasn’t exactly ridiculous, but its owner Raymond R Just responded when he was told that the name “Alons-E” had actually been taken.


Regarding the lack of praise, son Moore and assistant coach to Lascargot Arthur said in an interview with the Racing Post: “I think he always appreciated him less. His name doesn’t appear much, right? He was a very strong, healthy horse who took care of himself a little which helped him. Hold on as long as he did.

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Its owner was also interesting – the guest was the US ambassador to Ireland – appointed by Lyndon Johnson, and Benston Churchill flaunted among his cousins.


The guest had already enjoyed success in the apartment, chocolate-and-pale blue in the first pass to Derby with Sir Ivor in 1968.

As for Lyscargo’s first Gold Cup race, it was a 33-1 loser, and although Frenchman Tan passed the last two fences, he withdrew in order to win.

A year later, he was the favorite with a 7-2, and again the result was the same with Carberry not having to push that far too far on the occasion.

Since then, Guest has become obsessed with winning a National Award after stating that turning L’Escargot into Aintree’s fences horse was a better option than buying a potential national winner.

Moore Jr. recalls: “He sent my father several horses for this, but none of them were very good. My father once told him that instead of buying one to earn, you actually have one in the yard that can do it.

But it fell after only three national closures in 1972 before it ranked third in its second year. When he reached the finals a year later, Liskargott seemed to be too old to be 12 to be a realistic contender for Aintree’s favorite red rum in 1975.

But on this occasion, Lescargo defied the fans’ chances and expectations for a remarkable victory to add to the Cheltenham Cup Gold Double.

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