Lis Truss is facing an energy crisis in the United Kingdom, with controversial state aid in Switzerland and Spain on its scorched-earth bed.


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Just like every evening, at 11pm the European TV channels are rounding up the news broadcasts. Euroshopping on Wednesday 7 September.

Barely absorbed, British Prime Minister Liz Truss must deal with an energy crisis. On Wednesday, September 7, in Parliament, he categorically refused to touch the huge profits of energy companies, so that “Stop investing“The Labor opposition is already outraged by his bailout plan.

In Switzerland, the Oxbow Group, however profitable, has been hit by crazy energy prices. To keep it going, the government has given it an advance of 4 billion euros. A unique incentive: Axpo has no debt, but is highly profitable. In return, the company may waive dividends.
To prevent the bombs from being contaminated by the ashes of the fires, Spain is dumping straw on its scorched land. This is above all to stop soil erosion and prevent them from losing their humus.

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