Link to the Past: The mod reproduces the game on PC without emulation

If there’s one area where Nintendo wasn’t created, it’s the PC area. That didn’t stop fans from creating their own port, using game rules that already existed, as was the case with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. And this time, it is the turn of a link to the past to suffer the same fate.

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On the way to PC

Link to the Past is undoubtedly one of the classics of Super Nintendo which is exactly why one fan named snesrev wanted to make it playable on PC. The idea is not to have to go through emulation and get a copy of the game that is as faithful as possible to the original.

Therefore, the modr has gone through a reverse engineering box to faithfully reproduce approximately 80,000 lines of code that faithfully reproduces The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past process.

The The project was announced on Github, but it is not complete. Because to stay legal, the game cannot be presented as a whole. The reproduced code does not belong to Nintendo which is why it is possible to distribute it, but it is necessary to extract the levels and images from the original ROM of the game, in order to compile them with snesrev code. A ROM from A Link to the Past, which you theoretically snatched from a cartridge that belonged to you, in order to remain legal.

All this may seem somewhat useless, since it would be much easier to use the emulator to run the game on PC, but access to the source code of the game opens up a lot of possibilities. As was the case with the PC port of Ocarina of Time a few months ago, mods will be able to tweak the code and add tweaks to alter its operation. One of the most popular mods is ‘random’, a change that causes all objects in the game to randomly change places. Thus we offer a new gaming experience with each new game, even if we know the game by heart.

So it’s very likely that in the coming months, we’ll see incredible mods appear for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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