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FifthThis is for you who understand the importance of local buying. Once you have to pay for the product, you will notice that no sales tax (GST and QST) is charged. wondrous. An internet search tells you that the provider is located in the UK. For local purchase, we will be back…

This is exactly what happened to the reader who wanted to get the door numbers of his house. Transaction site Etsy has listed the seller as “local”. After verification, Etsy offers only one proximity search filter, Canada’s “Coast-to-Coast”.

However, by checking this criterion, the resource can be located in British Columbia or Nova Scotia, passing through all other provinces.

Answers Julia Ranalli, Director of Communications at Etsy Canada.

This is why a UK company is considered a ‘local seller’. A search on social media has revealed that the UK door number provider has an address in the Toronto area, where he sends his requests.

Go through the blue basket?

Would it be better to go through Blue Basket ( if we wanted to make sure we were actually buying from Quebec? likely.

However, there is no guarantee that the Quebec site does not do direct delivery (or dropshipping in English). In this case, the supplier does not have the product on hand and deals with a wholesaler – usually foreign – who delivers the product directly to the customer.

The transaction site listed in search engines will charge more than if you order from other foreign suppliers. The bill can go from simple to four or even more times, depending on the cases that appear in the offers for consumption.

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And that’s without confirming that the product was manufactured here in Quebec. Which may not be…

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