Lily Collins humorously reacted to a poster of her series Vandal (photo)

The star of the series Emily in Paris, Lily Collins responded with humor on social media to attack the fantasy on the streets of New York.

In France or the United States, Netflix was created, Emily in Paris, does not leave anyone indifferent and makes a discussion. a star Lily Collinswho made fashionista’s eyes sparkle with her new wardrobe in Season 2, recently shouldered the brunt of it in New York City. The series had already made Parisians grumble, who did not appreciate the clichés about France and the capital, and angered residents embarrassed by the filming. The attacks that the series team promised to respond to in season two, a true pin of some American cliché with the character of Madeleine Wheeler (Kate Walsh, was she really pregnant?). But the series continues to unleash emotions, even across the Atlantic.

poster forEmily in Paris sacked on the walls of New York

It was released on December 22, season 2 ofEmily in ParisWhich introduces the character of Alfie (Lucien Lavisconte), Gabriel’s (Luca Bravo) rival, has kept his fans, but also his critics. A poster appears on the streets of New York Lily Collins, who reacted to the cliffhanger from season two, wearing a chic purple ruffled dress, was sabotaged. Ironically, right below the inscription “She’s back for Amour‘Doodle an individual’s face Lily Collins Marked in red and marked with the rest of the label. As a result, the actress’s pretty face looks like that of a zombie…

Lily Collins responds with humor on Instagram

Without losing a sense of humor, Lily Collins, who must have been shocked after seeing his face being looted, posted a video on his Instagram account, where a man frightened by the poster, takes his legs around his neck. She also posted a photo of herself looking confused, palms up and mouth wide open, next to the poster, with this stinging little comment directed at the vandals:I can’t say I like this look very much, Em. But well done for the effort…“.

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What do haters matter, Lily Collins It’s a hit on Netflix again with the second season ofEmily in Paris And she should return to DC in 2023 for the third season that the producers have already revealed.

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