Lilies for life

‘Lilies for Life’ at Marciac The Lion Club fights childhood cancer.

On Friday and Saturday, volunteers from the Lions Club will be at the Super U in Marciac to sell potted lilies, as part of a beneficial operation in the interest of the fight against childhood cancer.

District 103 South West is committed to fighting childhood cancer.

For many years, this process is repeated every year. It was created in 2006 by the Lions Club Quinsac-Côtes de Bordeaux. Soon, several clubs in the 103rd Southwest region joined the movement.

Hope for children.

Within 15 years, a donation of €440,000 was raised through the sale of nearly 380,000 sapphires. Initially, this measure was part of a national approach to Lions Clubs, for the benefit of the “Enfants Cancers et Santé” association. Since 2018, it has targeted more local operations. In this case, the process relates to the project “Room Maximum, Let Life Enter”, with Professor Yves Perle. In 2018, 142 thousand euros were collected for this project.

The Pediatric Hematology Unit at the Children’s Hospital of Purdue University Hospital

In 2019, the hyacinth harvest was directed toward the creation of a new research unit “for the early stages of development of novel treatments for childhood cancer,” led by the team of physicians Anne Knots-Carrier and Stephane Ducasso of the Department of Pediatrics. From Purdue University Hospital.

This unit is now one of seven teams accredited in France for this type of research. It is the only one located in the greater southwest.

In an extension of previous cancer plans, the Ten-Year Strategy 2021-2030 of the Regional Research Unit of Dr. Anne Knotts-Carrier proposes to help the “Structuring Long-Term Follow-up of Children with Cancer” project, to reduce consequences and improve their quality of life. It is also the goal of “ensuring progress benefits all”.

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The financial need to establish a coordinated monitoring is about 50,000 euros.

January 14 and 15 at Super U in Marciac

That’s why Lions Club members invite you to participate in this fundraiser for the fight against children’s cancer, by selling lilies at the entrance to the Super U supermarket in Marciac.

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