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On Saturday, after clinching Atletico’s first home defeat (0-2 against Levante) and fighting for the vital league, Diego Pablo Simeone seized the momentum and fence of the area where his players had subdued their Part Two rivals. . In the locker room, the coach tried to raise morale and relieve any doubts from the team by making sure that the reaction, although without the desired outcome, responded to the reaction of a team completely immersed in the field. Conquer the title. Cardenas ’20 shots on Cardenas’ second-half goal, with a total of 28 – the best number in a match in Simeone’s era – were used by the coach as evidence that the team responded to the difficulty of the scoreboard against organized opposition from Levante de Paco Lopes.

But the defeat confirmed that Atletico lost in recent matches the reductive argument with which the Argentine coach explains his team’s ups and downs: strength in both areas. He scored several goals for single errors and lost competency in the auction. Este bache en el área propia y en la del rival se ha confirmado en la previa del partido de ida de los octavos de final de la Champions ante el Chelsea, que se disputará este martes en Bucarest por las restricciones en España a los vuelos procedentes del United kingdom. The Rogblanca expedition traveled Sunday afternoon frustrated by the lost points advantage in the league and the need to emotionally rearm.

Simeone waited for this moment, and when he arrived, he insisted on a letter he had prepared when the results had not arrived and none of his pursuers had traveled their distances. The coach began with psychological work to avoid the collapse of the group, which reached for the second time in history to 50 points in the first round and made itself the biggest candidate to win the championship.

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Another tactical drawing

Coach Rogblanco’s problem is to rebuild the team and draw 5-3-2, as his losses from Covid-19 and muscle injuries reduced performance and forced him to rebuild it while it appeared he already had eleven militants. System reliability is now in question and the possibility of a 4-4-2 recovery that Simeone always manages is no longer excluded. In the second half against Levante, he really did.

The first major loss, Trippier’s penalty loss, caused a headache. Marcos Llorente’s solution broke the midfield and lost the offensive play. The infection of Lemar and Carrasco, who have now fallen out of Chelsea due to muscle problems, also kept him out of the way during several encounters with two players who had integrated well into the new three-man order. The Belgian, on the left, and the French as the third creative midfielder. The virus also stopped Joao Felix from reappearing after he beat a right-footed kick in the cup draw. The accumulation of absences forced Simeone to reconfigure the squad and did not find the same performance they entered. No Ludi, Felipe, Kondogbia, Torreira or Sale performed very convincingly.

The result of this setback was a less bright and powerful side of the side that started the path and set distances with Real Madrid and Barcelona. In this final series of matches, Atletico were less tough on defense and less effective in attack. From the defensive hole, seven days in a row he has seen his goals scored – the worst streak since Simeone led the Rogblanco side – there have already been important signals in the past few days. Also from a certain slowdown in the game that the coach himself realized from the inside. The team added several wins (Elche, Getafe, Alaves, Cadiz and Valencia) pinned to Luis Suarez’s huge punch. The goals of the Uruguayan striker allowed victory in confrontations that ended in a draw last season. The Caroa national team no longer scored in Granada (1-2), where Marcos Llorente was decisive, with a goal and an assist, in snatching the three points. In a draw with Levante at Ciutat de València (1-1) and in Sunday’s loss, also against Granota, he extended his days without scoring to three. Without Suarez’s event, Atletico gave up the five points they announced would see them compete for the title again.

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