Libya wants strategic partnership with UK

AA / Tripoli

Libyan Foreign Minister Najla al-Mangush has said his country wants a “strategic partnership” with the United Kingdom.

Al-Mangush is currently in Libya during a visit by British Foreign Secretary to the Middle East and North Africa, James, to a hotel in the capital, Tripoli.

“We want to enter into a strategic partnership with the UK in all areas, and we emphasize the importance of cooperation between the two countries in a number of key areas, including defense, administration and finance and their development,” al-Mangosh said.

Addressing the British government, the head of Libyan diplomacy declared, “We invite you to work at your embassy in Tripoli and to open an embassy in Benghazi soon.”

Commenting on the security situation in his country, al-Mangoush said, “Libya’s territory or airspace will not be linked to any power or state other than the Libyan government.

The Libyan official praised the UK’s readiness to provide technical support to support the political process and the election deadline (scheduled for December 24).

“We underscore the need to co-ordinate and strengthen the international situation in the midst of the Libyan crisis by creating a ‘Committee for the Stability of Libya’ under the Libyan leadership, and we want the support of the United Kingdom. The United Nations is committed to this vision,” the Libyan Foreign Minister said.

For his part, he wisely said that “Libyans now have a real chance to write the next chapter in the history of their country.”

More wisely, he said, “The next step is to hold elections in December, for which the interim government must work actively with the support of the United Nations Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the international community. .

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“The government must ensure a conducive environment for safe, fair and all-inclusive elections, especially by allowing Libyan women to participate fully and equally in elections as candidates and voters,” the minister said. East and North Africa.

Commenting on the situation of the mercenaries in Libya, he wisely said: “Our position was clear and we approve the immediate withdrawal of all foreign and mercenary forces from Libya.”

He wisely declared that “the UK plan to support the Libyan power grid through the use of renewable energy supplies and energy efficiency measures (without further details).”

Earlier on Thursday, the Foreign Minister of the Middle East and North Africa discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to support Libya in its political process.

The National Unity Government and the new Presidential Council, which will lead the country to the Assembly and Presidential elections on December 24, have been embracing a way out of the crisis since taking office on March 16, 2021.

* Translated by Majdi Ismail from Arabic

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