LG’s soundbar for 2023 offers Dolby Atmos and connects wirelessly to your TV

LG unveils two new soundbars ahead of CES. The LG SC9 and SE6 have serious advantages to show for it.

True to its habits of advertising before the famous CES opening, LG has unveiled some aspects of its 2023 line of soundbars. The company explains that SC9 and SE6 models On display in Las Vegas are two Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible tapes for immersive sound. Details are still scant, but LG has outlined some important features that will be present on both models.

LG unveils two new soundbars ahead of CES

First of all, the brand explains that the SC9 and SE6 are equipped with the Wow Orchestra, an instrument that “uses the two acoustic channels of both products to create an extended sound range with enhanced height, depth, and power.” This vague description doesn’t mean much until you can see it in action, however LG Determines that this functionality will arrive later via a software update. Both bars will also use Wowcast to connect to LG TVs wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Once synced, you can access the sound bar settings via the Home Dashboard on the TV (again, this will be available with an upcoming update).

The Triple Sound Enhancer feature will “boost” the performance of the SC9 and SE6 while the Smart Up Mixer converts stereo sound into multichannel surround sound. LG says its AI Room Calibration adapts the speakers to exactly where you place them, adjusting frequencies for better balance, clearer sounds and improved dialogue. The SC9 and SE6 also have AI Sound Pro functions that are capable of analyzing content – movies, games, sports or Musical – and apply the best settings.

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The LG SC9 and SE6 have serious assets to claim

LG also claims that the SC9 and SE6 sport a the design Minimalist, to match as closely as possible the interior furnishings. The company states that the hook on the SC9 allows it to be attached to OLED TV Series C for 2022 and 2023 branding for added transparency. LG hasn’t commented on the differences between the two models, except that the SC6 is “ideal for smaller rooms” with its compact size. Despite this, the soundbar still has four passive radiators for “powerful bass,” according to LG, and Dolby Atmos is still in the game.

The company didn’t say if these speakers will have a subwoofer or additional speakers that go with them for a truly surround experience, but we’ll have all the details, including connectivity, availability, and pricing, when CES opens the doors next week.

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