LG’s foldable smartphone is amazing you’ll never have

The hands-on demonstration of the LG Rollable shows just how much this foldable smartphone can wow the masses. However, this project has been canceled since the brand left the sector.

Getting started with LG Rollable // Source: 뻘짓 연구소

LG no longer makes smartphones. Despite the long and rich history in the sector, the brand lost its luster and succumbed to cut costs in 2021. However, before throwing the towel, the Korean factory still had a few projects in the pipeline, to impress LG Rollable, an expandable smartphone with a foldable screen He mocked him.

Understand that this is not a foldable smartphone, but a phone whose flexible screen twists and opens thanks to a motorized system for offering two display sizes. So a smartphone can turn into a tablet, but it does not unfold to do so. For comparison, it is very similar For Oppo X 2021 Concept Which has already made a strong impression on us.

LG's foldable smartphone is amazing you'll never have
LG's foldable smartphone is amazing you'll never have

Recently, a Korean videographer – “뻘짓 연구소” – posted a hands-on LG Rollable on YouTube.

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Thus we see the tester fiddling with the phone and transforming from a 6.8-inch smartphone into a 7.4-inch (1.5:1 ratio) tablet by just moving three fingers to the right of the screen.

Expandable Attractive Smartphone

With this start-up video, the LG Rollable knows how to be very attractive. Interface animations are smooth to ensure the transition from smartphone format to tablet format. In the settings, for example, this allows the second column to appear or disappear smoothly. Moreover, a completely uncontrolled tablet appears to improve reading comfort. However, for videos in landscape mode, the classic compromise of thick black bars remains valid.

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Video LG Rollable
Getting started with LG Rollable // Source: 뻘짓 연구소

Overall, great mastery emerges from this grip and this makes this concept even more frustrating because it has simply been abandoned. However, LG can still take advantage of this aborted project to show all its expertise. Thus, if the manufacturer does not try to sell smartphones again, they can always make partnerships with other brands who are looking for a quality supplier to launch such a product.

Furthermore, note that the LG Rollable captured in this video is powered by a Snapdragon 888 processor associated with 12GB of storage and 256GB of storage. They also benefit from slab swivel. On the photo side, there are two cameras on the back with a resolution of 64 and 12 megapixels. The device also has a 4500 mAh battery. Finally, you have to deal with a hefty weight of 285 grams.

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