LG unveils a fabric TV to blend in better with your living room

Before CES, LG introduced a TV that blends into your living room with a fabric cover to completely or partially conceal it.

LG Objet TV

LG Objet TV // Source: LG

With CES 2022 fast approaching, LG didn’t wait for the show’s opening scheduled next month to lift the veil on its upcoming TVs. The Korean manufacturer has officially introduced two new TV models with original designs, the LG OLED65ART90 and OLED27ART10.

If we have already touched on the topic of the LG OLED27ART10 – also deliberate LG StandbyMe The LG OLED65ART90 also features. Also known as LG Objet TV, this is actually LG’s response to Samsung in the field of designer TVs reminiscent of artwork. Samsung already, a few years ago, launched its range Samsung The Frame, TVs with wooden or colored edges, like real paintings. It also provides plenty of artwork to avoid a simple black rectangle in the middle of the living room.

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LG is also seeking to respond to this issue with its new LG Objet TV. eating technologyLG Signature OLED R . Display, which was unveiled nearly four years ago in CES 2018LG Objet TV has a fabric surface that can slide across the screen to completely or partially conceal it. Users can therefore choose to hide the screen completely – which only the feet will remain visible – or move the part of the canvas over the feet when they want to watch a movie. However, due to this function, the screen is necessarily used with its own foot system which again reminds us of the Serif TVs From Samsung, predecessors of The Frame. Additionally, as in the scrollable form, users can choose to display only part of the screen – hide the rest – to allow viewing of certain summary information such as weather, time or temperature.

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TV Similar to LG OLED G1

Besides classic features, as its name suggests, the LG OLED65ART90 TV has a 65-inch, or 165cm, OLED screen. This is the same Evo OLED panel as the one provided by the manufacturer Jam OLED G1. For the audio part, LG has integrated an 80W speaker system into the 4.2. However, the manufacturer does not indicate the connections displayed on its Objet TV, nor Available standards in terms of HDR.

LG Objet TV

LG Objet TV // Source: LG

Initially, the LG OLED65ART90 TV will only be available in South Korea, priced at 9.9 million won, or 7,400 euros. It will be available in three colors: beige, red or green. We should know more about potential availability in the rest of the world on the occasion of CES in Las Vegas, which opens its doors on January 5. Traditionally at this time, LG reveals its new TVs to the whole world.

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